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About Our First Lady

Our First Lady Jacqueline Melinda Hayes Hollins, affectionately known as Jackie, was named such by a close cousin after the much adored Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. She was born August 4th in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, and is the only daughter to Reverend and Mrs. J.B. Hayes, who now watch over her in glory.


Raised with an only brother and being a daddy’s girl, she developed a love for playing softball, basketball and tennis. Lady Jackie had a model conservative upbringing, and practiced her early Christian faith through the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, where her father would ultimately pastor until he died. She has deep love for the Calloway Charger High School where she graduated in 1982. Later, she graduated from Hinds Junior College and Draughns Business College to further her education. For the past 26 years, she has worked at Zebra Marketing as Sales Assistant and Manager, among other positions.


In 1981, at a wedding rehearsal, she met a bashful young man named Danny. They decided to court for the next five years, and in 1986 they were joined together bone of bone and flesh of flesh. They have been Jackie and Danny…Danny and Jackie, in ministry together ever since. Her objective now is to support and work passionately with her husband to execute his God-given vision, to empower and encourage the members of GIC, and to serve the Lord whole-heartedly with humility and unselfishness. Her husband and all of the  GIC family is always applauding her invaluable resourcefulness in insuring that we have that special item that helps us look good and keeps us on the cutting edge.

Our First Lady is known for her jubilant spirit, giving heart and great love for children. Aside from her church role, the great majority and her most important life’s work is in their home. Along with her husband, her children Danielle and Ashley, and grandchildren Jaydann, Madisyn and Landon are her heart.


Our First Lady’s philosophy of life is shaped by her favorite scripture Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." She believes that the ability to get through anything, overcome anything, or accomplish anything, is always determined by the size of the Christ you have in your own mind.

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